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Chesil Beach

Review of the Sevylor Riviera 2 person inflatable kayak

Hi all and welcome back to Broxbourne white water canoe centre BLOG

Today myself and partner tested out the Sevylor Riviera, being a outdoor person and level one kayak and canoe coach I have plenty of experience in kayaks and canoes but have never taken the plunge to by my own always used what was available at the centre in which I work. I have finally bought myself a craft but not one in which many of you would expect. I have invested my money in a inflatable kayak.

We took it out for its first test today in Weymouth and first of given the choppy water of the harbour and strong wind the boat was great.

It took around 10 minutes to set the boat up most was done with a electric 12v air pump and the final pressure was added with a foot pump. this boat has a really handy pressure gauge built in so there is none of this fiddling around with a ruler like on some makes trying to check the pressure it is all built into the boat so at any time in the trip you could have a quick check of the pressure (which stayed within the green).

the boat is built and designed for 2 people with a max weight of 180kg but can also be adapted for a one person boat just by moving one of the seats and taking the other out.

the boat comes with one paddle which is strong and easy to customise to the individual paddler being able to choose there own feather of the blade. however it would of been nice if 2 paddles had been supplied as it is a 2 person boat. but I am sure a extra paddle can easily be bought.

so armed with a paddle and the boat we hit the beach, we had some strange looks but anyway we pressed on to the waters edge. we walked into the water and my partner hopped in. walked the boat slightly deeper and i to hoped into the boat. and away we went the boat was nice to paddle unlike a normal kayak that cuts thought the waves this boat bounced over every wave. but the stability was great at no point did we feel like we was going for a swim.

the kayak has a built in drain plug at the back which can be removed very easily so the water self drains as your paddling along, a feature that is recommended if the boat is used on white water.

we had a paddle for around a hour before we headed back in. on arriving back at the beech came the hardest part of our little trip getting out. feeling brave i hopped straight out however my partner struggled to get out the boat and ended up rolling out of it which was of course a laugh for myself.

the boat packed down really easy and fitted back into the box that only a few hours ago it was got out off.

I would defiantly recommend this boat to anybody that wants something small and easy to paddle that can be easily stored (unlike a standard kayak) out of 5 i would rate this 4 stars. the only reason for the star drop is the lack of a second paddle.

you can buy this inflatable from most places on the internet. below is a link to a Amazon store I have created that has them in sold by many different people for different prices. I would say that a fair price for this boat would be £75 to £90


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