Hi me again

Had a quite time since my last post about the Team GB Olympic flag raising and I am going back in time in this post!

While I was away in the Alps training I told you all that I had taken my 3 star white water BCU award, well until today I had no idea if I had passed it as we were not told at the time whether we we had or had not, so it was worrying to wait and see.

Well to my surprise today I received a certificate saying I had successfully passed the BCU 3 star white water kayak award so the wait and worry was over.

BCU White Water 3 star certificate

BCU White Water 3 star certificate

Getting my 3 star white water kayak award means that I can get some extra points at Navy Cadets (Sea Cadets) that I will need to get ranked up to the next rank. So getting the five points (that’s what its worth at Sea Cadets) is a big help.

This weekend I will be attending a white water slalom competition at the Nene white water canoe centre. This is my first season in white water kayak slalom and you start in division 4 and have to work your way up.  My aim is to get into division 2 by the end of the season. My aim for this event is to try and get a minimom of 600 points so that I stand a very good chance of getting into division 2 by next season. This will need lots of hard work but it should be worth it to get into the next dIvision up.

Well just to let you know I should be posting a new post on Sunday or Monday to let you know how I got on.

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