Well there hasn’t been a slalom that I have been to for a while now but this one was the most important to me as I only needed 700-800 points to get promoted into division 2 which was my target for the end of this season.

It was an early start (when isn’t it when I’m slaloming) 8:00 we needed to meet at HYMB.  But leaving on time is not something we are good at, and when we were meant to be leaving at half past eight we left at more like nine.

However we got to Yalding near Hastings, unpacked all the kit and jumped straight onto the water to get some practise in. I found the course a little boring but I thought I could get the job done to get my promotion. But there was a little twist to this course unlike all the other courses I’ve paddled on.  The weir was not under the control of the canoe centre but under control of the Environmental Agency. This meant the weir gate opened and closed without notice. While I was getting some practise on the upper part of this course the gate opened and went from calm to very ruough,  but I like the big stuff so as there were no events running at this time me and some other people jumped straight into the wave and had some good fun.

Yalding, white water, slalom

Yalding, White Water, Slalom

However i needed to get back to business and I did.  I did my first run and it seemed quite good and then my second which was not as good. However my first run put me in second place so I walked away from the event with a division 3 second place 944 points and a promoton.

Yalding silver medal, k1 slalom division 3

Yalding Silver Medal, K1 Slalom Division 3

My hard work is not over, I need to train hard in the winter to compete next season


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