Following on from yesterdays post on the BBC report of works starting at the Cardiff Bay White Water Slalom Course, it appears that the leader of Cardiff Council has moved on from simply suggesting that it would be great if the venue could be used for the finals, to a call on the Government to hold the event in Wales, and so save money.

Wales Online quotes the leader of Cardiff Council, Coun Berman as saying: “If the UK Government is genuinely concerned about the cost of the Olympics this could be a way for them to save some money.”

“Our facility in Cardiff will be ready in time and they are more than welcome to use it.

“We are already going to be getting some Olympic football matches played at the Millennium Stadium. But this would give us a lot more focus for the Olympics.”

With the Government looking to scale back the spending on the Olympics, the fact that the Broxbourne White Water Centre has not yet been started, could put Cardiff in a prime position to host the Slalom events, should they decide not to go ahead with Broxbourne.

Hopefully this will not be the case.

There were good reasons for choosing Broxbourne.  Sport England had identified that the South of England needed an artificial, purpose built, white water slalom facility.  The location will be in the Lea Valley corridor, and with good access to London for the Olympics. Longer term it will provide a lasting legacy for the South of England.

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