Just a quick post about Wednesday the 11th of February. A very special day for me and the rest of the competition team at HYMB as the Olympic Committee came up from London to speak to us.

We were told about the plans, and test event to be held at the new Olympic white water course in 2011, as well as being invited to go down there to view the venue in 2011 while the test runs are taking place.

Wwere filmed doing a training season on the lake, which was frozen until we broke the ice, and very cold.

We got on the lake in plastic boats to break the ice and warm up. After about half an hour we got in our slalom boats and started showing off our skills while doing our training.

Then we got off the water at about 10 o’clock and had photographs taken of us on the side of the lake with our boats and the other new equipment HYMB have recently bought, for example our two brand new paddle machines, and the plastic slalom and wavehopper boat.

When I find out where the picture and film of the day are I will update with a link to view the pictures.

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