Hiko Elastic review

Hiko Elastic review

Today I tried a new product made by Hiko

Its name is k1 or C1 Elastic it comes in long and short sleeve

This is a new cagdeck that is now out on the market

And i must say the cagdeck was a pleasure to wear it was a snug fit to my body which means you still have full manoeuvrability. it also has neoprene seals that keep out most of the water, however when i rolled a couple of times i found that a little water got in the boat however i think this is mainly down to the deck Rather then the cag. however a cagdeck is not meant to keep you dry it is meant to keep as much water out the boat as it can

The deck part was good i normaly find with slalom decks that if you roll it pops off when u right yourself however this deck did not, so very good in a competitive side of things. the deck also feels strong and of a high quality.

However i feel on the presentation side of  things it would look better if some of the seam taping was on the inside and not visible to the eye, however this is the case on most slalom decks so theres not much you can do.

Over all I give this cagdeck a rating of


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