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Entries for September, 2009

Hiko Tight Grip dw Big Spraydeck Review

Hiko Tight Grip dw Big Spraydeck Review This new light weight spray deck is great fun to use very easy to get on boats and fitting a wide range this deck can cover your needs. Its made of strong light weight Supratex with reinforced under edges this makes for a truly amazingĀ  deck. with a [...]

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Hiko Cinch Buoyancy Aid Review

Hiko Cinch review On Monday I got some new kit from Hiko, the Cinch Buoyancy Aid, so you have gone to the shop to buy a new BA and you see the cinch on the shelf, from a visal look its a very nice BA and for the price you think its to good to [...]

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Its Been ONE Year

It has been a year that you have been viewing Broxbourne White Water Canoe Centre. The past year the site has progressed and with big important events happening you found out about them through the blog. It has been a wonderful year for my blog website, I took on the challenge and have found it [...]

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