Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre in Broxbourne


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2012 Tickets Applications Close

    The tickets for london 2012 have now closed, People where able to show there interest and buy tickets to events of there choice, however applicants will not find out which tickets they have got until possibly the end of June. The website was said to of crashed at around 22:30 as there was suddenly a massive increase of traffic [...]

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David Views of the centre

I visited the centre twice this weekend and I was so impressed by the course and the layout. I was not so impressed with the catering facilities! I queued for 20 minutes as one girl struggled to cope. Everyone was complaining about the dire lack of staff and space for serving. I also doubt the [...]

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Lee Valley white water canoe centre now open

Lee Valley White Water Centre has finaly opened its doors to the public on 22nd April 2011 which saw the centre open for the first time to the general public to ride the London 2012 Olympic course in white water raft,we hope that many people enjoy the centre and the rapids it has to offer. The new venue which [...]

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