The reserve team for each category has now been released just incase any of the squad can not attend a competition  through illness or injury or for any other reason that prohibits there attendance.


These are as followed for K1 Mens:

  • Joseph Coombs
  • Thomas Brady
  • Joseph Clarke
  • Joe Morley

For K1 Women’s:

  • Louise Donington
  • Bethan Latham
  • Hannah Burgess
  • Mallory Franklin

C1 Mens:

  • Thomas Quinn
  • Greg Pitt
  • Adam Marshall

Due to the limited number of C1 ladies participation  in the category they have made the decision not to pick anyone for the reserves team.

C2 reserves

  • George Tatchell/ Thomas Quinn


Best of luck to all the reserve team who will still take part in international competitions they do not have a confirmed position in the championships

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