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K1 – EXTEND – light Review

Today I tested out the K1 Extend light in a competition event at Harefield. I found this cagdeck amazing it fitted to my skin so nice that it could of easily been used as a race vest. The cag is semi dry which is excellent in a competition as you want as little water in [...]

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Mercurys article on the hymb paddlefest

MORE than 200 paddlers and people wanting to know more about canoeing swarmed to the Herts Young Mariners’ Base in Cheshunt over the bank holiday weekend to try out the sport, show off their skills and perfect their techniques. News – Canoeist at Herts Young Mariners’ BaseSpokesman Gary Archer said the event, which was sponsored [...]

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HYMB Paddlefest

Hi Well it has been a while seance anything major has happened but on the weekend of Saturday the 23rd of may and Sunday the 24th may. HYMB hosted our own paddle fest event. we Had many different activities ranging from racing and freestyle on Saturday to flat water slalom and bell boating on Sunday. [...]

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