Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre in Broxbourne


Official hand over to Lee Valley Park in 2010 video

Hey all

I have just stumbled across a video that might be of interest to many of you. The Official opening of Lee Valley White Water Centre in Waltham Cross – Broxbourne. On this day saw many VIP guest visits the venue when it was handed over to Lee Valley park. I know this event is a little old news but the video is of great interest and really enjoyable to watch. The video is in HD if your internet can not handle this you may need to change it to standard video

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Events from the Weekend at the Lee Valley White Water Centre

After the long and hard bank holiday weekend the Head coaches within Team GB have selected there team and these have been finalized and published.

Paddlers headed for London not for the royal Wedding but to get on the water at the brand new Lee Valley White Water Centre based in Waltham cross - Broxbourne.

The event was a great sucess with 5,000 members of the general public turing up to watch these athletics fight it out for a place on the team.

Local club HYMCOPS was asked to come alone and run a go paddling season on the lake which was intended to get the public interested in the sport and they had a very busy time catering for all ages even as young as four.

However the club was then asked if they could provide the water safety team. The Slalom course safety team had a mainly quiet weekend apart from Sunday when the strong wind conditions and a demanding course, and some careless gate judges provided them some activity.

The Club also got to try out the brand new Team GB C1 and C2 boats which makes a chance to the ones they are currently paddling. Members of the public were impressed with the New Lee Valley venue and it has been decided that test events should be open to the public rather than behind closed doors, so keep your eyes open for more information over the coming months.

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Reserve team released for Team GB canoe slalom

The reserve team for each category has now been released just incase any of the squad can not attend a competition  through illness or injury or for any other reason that prohibits there attendance.


These are as followed for K1 Mens:

  • Joseph Coombs
  • Thomas Brady
  • Joseph Clarke
  • Joe Morley

For K1 Women’s:

  • Louise Donington
  • Bethan Latham
  • Hannah Burgess
  • Mallory Franklin

C1 Mens:

  • Thomas Quinn
  • Greg Pitt
  • Adam Marshall

Due to the limited number of C1 ladies participation  in the category they have made the decision not to pick anyone for the reserves team.

C2 reserves

  • George Tatchell/ Thomas Quinn


Best of luck to all the reserve team who will still take part in international competitions they do not have a confirmed position in the championships

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