Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre in Broxbourne


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Broxbourne White water canoe centre

Just to update you on my last post, i have and can confirm that the construction of the new white water canoe centre has been completed and the course is now open for the Olympic athletes to start training on, this will last until Easter next year and then they will be opening to course for the public to use and enjoy before it then closes for the Olympic games.

watch the viedo of a olympian paddle the course http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/canoeing/9270890.stm

happy viewing.

I look forward to posting new content soon

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New Broxbourne white water centre is now open

hey all

I have been told today by a few sources that the new White Water Centre that is finally been built in cheshunt has been opened, I can not confirm this at this time but I will do some further research and I will post a update on this as soon as possible.

check back here soon and I will post a update for you as soon as possible

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