Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre in Broxbourne


Match makers volunteering scheme comes to a close

the London 2012 volunteering scheme has now comes to a close with applications now being processed and waiting for the Olympic authority to start selection candidatures for interview. The application stage is a long one with people not finding out until 2012 if they have made it into the games maker team.

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Rumours Rumours …

Hey there

Worrying developments over the last few days. Following what was initially an anonymous contact though my feedback form which lead to a couple of exchanges of emails and a brief meeting this morning, I was informed of some problems at the new Olympic white water site.

I cant go into details just yet as I need them to come back to me with further information first.

I would love to give you more details but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place until I hear more.

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Hi all

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