Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre in Broxbourne


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Competition comes to a close

After a long and tiring weekend for all involved there is nothing left for the paddlers to do they just need to hope they have done enough and proved that they should be part of Team GB. The top coaches in England will be showing intrest in diffrent paddlers and they will finalise the paddlers [...]

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Live Update at the Lee Valley White Water Centre

The sun is out and the water is flowing thick and fast down the Lee Valley White Water centre  I am there providing water safety for both the public and competitors who are fighting for a place in the GB team and to be in with a chance to be in the London 2012 Olympics There are 4 pumps running today pumping [...]

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2012 Tickets Applications Close

    The tickets for london 2012 have now closed, People where able to show there interest and buy tickets to events of there choice, however applicants will not find out which tickets they have got until possibly the end of June. The website was said to of crashed at around 22:30 as there was suddenly a massive increase of traffic [...]

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