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Hiko Cinch Buoyancy Aid Review

Hiko Cinch review On Monday I got some new kit from Hiko, the Cinch Buoyancy Aid, so you have gone to the shop to buy a new BA and you see the cinch on the shelf, from a visal look its a very nice BA and for the price you think its to good to [...]

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Septembers Site Construction Update

Hello Welcome to this months edition to the construction updates. Since my last post less then a month ago a lot has happened, as you will see in the pictures in this post that I have tried to take from the same camera position. There is lots of new material, that was not there a [...]

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Broxbourne unveils the 2012 London Olympic Team GB flag – Video

A video showing the unfurling of the Team GB Olympic flag at Cheshunt Park Golf Course in as the Olypic flag was passed to London as the next host city.

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