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Competition comes to a close

After a long and tiring weekend for all involved there is nothing left for the paddlers to do they just need to hope they have done enough and proved that they should be part of Team GB. The top coaches in England will be showing intrest in diffrent paddlers and they will finalise the paddlers [...]

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White Water Centre Secured Its Position As Worlds Best

Lee valley white water canoe centre seceres its position as the worlds best white water kayaking centre, by winning the bid to host the 2015 World Championships for canoe slalom. It is the first time that the championships have been in Britain for 20 years and it will be a great chance for canoe slalom members  to continue to [...]

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Neighbourhood Nuisance

Today I have revived  a complaint from a resident of Beaulieu drive complaining that the PA system is a nuisance. She  can hear every word clearly both outside and inside her home. Do you live near the Lee Valley White Water Centre, have you found the noise level to be a nuisance , please leave your comment on this post below Social [...]

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