Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre in Broxbourne


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New Watersports centre open in Waltham Abbey

Hi Great news for all us watersports lovers. Brookbank Canoes and Kayaks has just opened a store up meters away from the site of the new white water canoe centre. this will bring many more people to the sport we love as they wont have to traval miles to find the right gear. Social Bookmarking [...]

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Septembers Site Construction Update

Hello Welcome to this months edition to the construction updates. Since my last post less then a month ago a lot has happened, as you will see in the pictures in this post that I have tried to take from the same camera position. There is lots of new material, that was not there a [...]

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Sunday 31st May saw a amasing competition final with the mens c1 finals and k1 finals sadly Team GB missed out on any medals today but the results our still promising for 2012 Results Men’s C1 final: 1. Michal Martikan (Svk) 95.66 seconds 2. Alexander Slafkovsky (Svk) 96.26 3. Jan Benzien (Ger) 97.51 5. David [...]

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