As you have come to this page I am Guessing that you want tofind out about White Water Slalom.

White Water Slalom is a very interesting sport to all you water lovers it combines paddling skill, planning, strength and determination to win.

The aim of White Water Slalom is to go down a course as fast as you can without hitting the gates or missing them. If you hit one by accident then that’s a 2 second penalty but missing one equals 50 seconds so your basically out of the running though missing a gate.

there are many different divisions in White Water Slalom you start off in division 4 if you get in the top 25% of this division you win a promotion to division 3.  In division 3 it becomes a lot harder as you need to get 3600 points for a promotion to division 2  and just to make it a little more painstaking if your only a few point away from promotion at the end of the season well they just wipe the points clean so you have to start again.

Once you move through all the divisions from 4 to 1 there is one more premiership division. This is were all the really good slalom paddlers end up.

I’ve taken you thought the divisions but there is a key part just to make it that much harder. The gates are placed on moving water.  Depending on what division you’re in depends how strong the current and water is.

You may of seen on TV in the Olympics that there are two different colour gates green and red. Well for green gates you paddle down stream, simple. However red becomes a little more tricky you need to turn and paddle back up stream though the reds and break into the current to regain your speed.

White Water Slalom is all about speed though gates and down the course slow speed means slow time, which is no good when you going for that promotion. However too fast and you could end up hitting a gate, missing a gate or rolling your boat something you might not want to do when your trying to get that really important time.

I took both pictures below while i was training in the France Alps in 2008 the first shows the wave at the very bottom of the course looks simple. Well it wasn’t there was a gate right at the bottom which meant you needed to turn while going down the wave. Basically while you turn you lean to turn faster but if you lean to much you’re in the water, but to make matters worse in the second image also has the same wave at the bottom but shows an eddy where there is another gate this means you break out into the current and you only have a split second to turn your boat one way so you don’t break the boat and then the other way to get down the wave and thought the gate.

Well I hope I didnt put you off. Come and give it a go some time even if you have never paddled before look up your nearest canoe or kayaking club and go and give the sport a go.

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